7 Rappers Who Have Been To Rehab

He turned to drugs to kill the pain of forever being remembered as a child star, so we must assume, and even though the crew was getting back on the road, it wasn’t enough excitement to save him. The 34-year-old was found dead of a cocaine and heroin overdose in his Atlanta home earlier this year. “The music industry, all it does is perpetuate whatever’s going on outside,” said sober rappers Jarrell Gilliard, 40, explaining the pharmaceutical drug presence he’s encountered and how it’s reflected in popular lyrics. “How they pump these pills and all these prescribed medicines through the streets. Once the streets got ’em …” said Gilliard, whose hip-hop alias is Grunge Gallardo. Contemporary rap artist Future has bragged about his Xanax use in numerous songs.

They invented Irish words for them, because the language didn’t have them. Tattooed across Móglaí Bap’s chest is 3CAG, the title of their 2018 album. It stands for “3 chonsan agus guta”, the Irish for “three consonants and a vowel”, meaning MDMA. Mo Chara and Móglaí Bap started doing this while hanging out in their teens. Everyone would go out until 2am, then pile back and bring out instruments and play Irish music, dancing till 6am. Rave, rebel songs and great tunes, all still central to what Kneecap are about.

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But even when you’re not using, it’s a constant battle to stay sober. Whether it’s Percocet pills or lean, “it’s all in the same class as heroin and fentanyl,” Chapman said. Tettey said that’s partly because mainstream artists represent a lifestyle https://ecosoberhouse.com/ many young adults want for themselves, which can translate into modeling behaviors like opioid misuse. That toxicity reaches into populations already plagued by perpetual cycles of poverty, poor health and lowered life expectancy.

Danny Brown Comes Clean: ‘I Didn’t Know How Long I Was Going To Be Living’ – Rolling Stone

Danny Brown Comes Clean: ‘I Didn’t Know How Long I Was Going To Be Living’.

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Chris Kelly, one-half of the iconic 1990s rap duo Kriss Kross, is another sad entry on our list of drug users who ended up overdosing on illegal drugs. Thank you for your interest in supporting Kaiser Health News (KHN), the nation’s leading nonprofit newsroom focused on health and health policy. We distribute our journalism for free and without advertising through media partners of all sizes and in communities large and small.


They brought a PSNI (Northern Ireland police force) Land Rover with them, and found a place called Provo to have their picture taken with it. “It ended up that we were on the front of all the magazines, because of that jeep,” says Mo Chara. Gallup first asked if the use of marijuana should be legal in 1969, and 84% of Americans said no. Richard Nixon was elected with a “law and order” mandate, and subsequently declared the War on Drugs while creating the DEA to head up the efforts in 1973.

  • DJ Screw passed away in 2000 and UGK’s Pimp C died from a codeine overdose in 2007, right around the time Lil Wayne was diving in head first.
  • So rap lyrics that appear to boast about a crime, recruit members or threaten potential witnesses might be admitted in the YSL trial.
  • The symptoms range from runny nose and eyes to diarrhea and usually can be stopped with a gulp of cough syrup or lean, he said.
  • When it got so bad that he started subconsciously plotting his death, he knew something had to change.
  • That album is called Business Is Business, and judging from Williams’ windfall of top-charting releases, the Young Thug business is bustling still.
  • Three 6 Mafia’s “Sippin’ On Some Syrup” and Big Moe’s City Of Syrup set the stage for hip-hop’s new drug of choice—lean.

Similar language appears in a pending federal bill called the RAP Act proposed by Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Hank Johnson (D-GA). And while neither judge Glanville nor judge DeArcey Hall are bound by any such law currently, their rulings reflect exactly the same reasoning, although they reached different outcomes. That sentence, along with testimony from Mizell’s assistant Uriel “Tony” Rincon and manager Lydia High, both in the studio at the time of the killing, sealed Washington and Jordan’s fate without the need for rap lyrics. Although Judge DeArcy Hall banned rap lyrics in the courtroom, she also paved the way for Jordan’s conviction by denying a defense motion for a mistrial. Defense attorneys claimed prosecutors’ leading questions improperly coaxed the girlfriend of co-defendant Ronald Washington to finger him. The judge struck the leading questions but allowed an open-ended Q&A.

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Dr. Chris Johnson, an emergency room physician, said that codeine-based cough medicine can be as dangerous as other opioids and that misusing these medications can result in serious physical and psychological problems. In February 2016, rapper Macklemore released “The Unruly Mess I’ve Made,” a record in which addiction is a recurring topic. A few months later, he met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss the realities of this disease. One artist won’t change the epidemic’s course just like censoring EST Gee’s mentioning of “fentanyl” on his song “Sky Dweller” won’t prevent the crisis from continuing. In spite of the never-ending generational divide amongst Hip Hop fans, the common enemy of addiction continues to cut through the lives and careers of rap legends young and old. Cole was being celebrated for his Album Of The Year-winning K.O.D., a project ripe with anti-inebriation anthems, and Mac Miller was being mourned following his accidental drug overdose death that September.

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